S&P 500 Prediction Contest


  • Download the checker.zip to test your code on the server. It contains checker.py to help you check the format of your output.txt file and checker.sh that run checker.py file. If you're a window user, click here to find out how to ssh and copy file from local to server. Following is video tutorial about how to upload the files to the server, and run and test your code. Here is the text summary of the video.

  • The registration deadline is extended to Feb 28th. You can still add people to their team so forward this event to your friends. For teams that updated their team information, please resubmit the registration form.

  • Qualification Phase starts on January 10 and ends on March 6th. To pass Qualification Phase, participants should submit their best prediction model (i.e., data sets and codes) for out-of-sample tests by March 6th. The rules to pass qualification phase are here . Official certificates will be awarded for successful completion of the Qualification Phase.

  • The Office Hours with Hull Tactical PhD Fellow, Youhong Lee, are Friday 10-12pm in the cubicle SH 5432 X. The Advisors page is updated. Feel free to contact them for instructions about the contest.

  • Dataset is now available. Click to download datasheet and glossary .

  • Each team can participate in either or both categories, Best Prediction and Most Creative. The submission deadlines for both categories will be on March 6th. Click here to find out more information about rules for live phase.

  • The kickoff event was held Jan 10th, 2pm at Buchanan Hall 1920. Click to download ERP Contest Presentation and Hull Tactical Presentation .